Best Coffee Shops in Colorado

1. Wayfinder Coffee Co

Wayfinder Coffee Co

For the best collection of coffee beans, Wayfinder Coffee Co. is the place to go. Established by two women who love to travel, this coffee shop uses sources all around the world to brew the most flavorful and unique beans. Some of the best brews are inspired by countries in Europe and South America. In addition to coffee, Wayfinder bakes fresh pastries every day with their giant croissants being a menu favorite.


2. Loyal Coffee

Loyal Coffee

Loyal Coffee is one of the best roasters and brewers in Colorado. Loyal Coffee has become an icon in the community. Loyal Coffee takes its beans seriously and its baristas know their stuff. With a blend of beans from destinations all around the globe, customers can pick from a variety of perfect brews to start the day. They are dedicated to creating a great experience for their guests through a beautiful space to work, relax, and connect with others.


3. Carnelian Coffee

Carnelian Coffee

Carnelian Coffee specializes in all things caffeine. The beverages at Carnelian Coffee are enhanced with unique flavors. Carnelian Coffee also has an in-house bakery. Carnelian Coffee is a coffee shop that hosts monthly art exhibitions. Some of the best drinks on the menu are the Razzle Dazzle Bubble Brew, Cherry Blossom Matcha, Orange Cinnamon Cappuccino, and the Honey Lavender Latte.


4. Kairos Coffee House

Kairos Coffee House

Among the many coffee shops in Colorado finding a quiet place to work can be difficult. Kairos Coffee House is a true hidden gem in the city. Customers can set up in the shop with their laptops or books for a little peace and quiet while sipping their favorite beverage. Kairos Coffee House even offers an affordable refillable mug for customers who plan to spend a few hours enjoying the shop.


5. Switchback Coffee Roasters

Switchback Coffee Roasters

More than a place to drink and dine, guests can learn more about coffee cultivation by heading next door to the shop to see the roasters at work. They believe that quality should drive everything and you should come every time for a cup of coffee. They source high-quality specialty coffees and roast them to highlight their unique flavors.

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