Best coffee shop in New York

1. Devoción


The cafe got its name because they are devoted to serving the best coffee in New York City. They serve one of the best coffee with their perfection and hard work. The owner of the coffee shop actually selects the coffee plantations in Colombia. Then they store them at their warehouse in Bogota. It is then transferred to Brooklyn for house roasting. From there it comes to your cup. All things are done in 10 days. The environment of Devoción coffee shop is also wonderful with warm lighting.  The cafe also has great seating arrangements.


2. Felix Roasting Company

Felix Roasting Company

Felix Roasting Company is one of the famous cafes that has a coffee shop on every corner of New York City. They are dedicated to giving the best coffee shop experience in the area. Felix Roasting Company has actually raised the bar in flavor, and comfort. This is a coffee shop that brings the ordinary to the extraordinary. Felix Roasting Company cafe has a unique menu like hickory smoked s’mores latte and espresso tonic. The espresso tonic comes in a Bordeaux wine glass filled with non-alcoholic Campari reduction, lemon-basil leaves, and tonic water and is a must-try drink.


3. Maman


Maman has multiple locations in New York City, as it is very much popular around the area. This coffee shop became known for its perfectly executed baked goods like chocolate chip cookies. Maman serves some of the best coffee in New York City. The cafe gives a country charm, with reclaimed farmer’s tables and vintage colander chandeliers. This cafe offers a charming and whimsical vibe, This coffee shop can be a good stop to meet an old friend.


4. Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee makes one of the best cups of coffee in New York City. With each and every sip of coffee, you can appreciate their dedication to sourcing, roasting, and serving great coffee. The presentation at this cafe is stellar and the drink itself is even better. Stumptown Coffee is actually a Portland-based coffee brand that eventually serves some of the best coffee in this area. The coffee shop offers French press, espresso-based drinks, and cold-brew coffees. If you are in New York you should definitely head to Stumptown Coffee Shop.


5. Sey Coffee

Sey Coffee

Sey Coffee is located at 18 Grattan St, Brooklyn, NY 11206. Without Sey Coffee the list of best coffee shops in New York City is incomplete. They have a wonderful cafe with an abundance of greenery. Visiting the coffee shop will make you feel and breathe fresh air. You can actually spend hours in this cafe and will never get bored with this place. They not only offer a great environment but also the best coffee. Sey Coffee was listed as Food & Wine‘s best coffee shop in New York state. As its popularity is growing far and wide. The coffee shop also offers a subscription program.  Sey Coffee lighter roast is so popular. The amazing thing about the cafe is that they have a cupping session where you can sip any number of beans.

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