Coffee Shops in Mississippi 

1. Fusion Coffeehouse

Fusion Coffeehouse

Fusion Coffeehouse opened with the intention of setting itself apart from the numerous corporate coffee chains that have become so popular – and that they did. The coffee house serves only the freshest, locally roasted coffee, and offers a great atmosphere complete with live musical entertainment. They also serve one of the best cupcakes.


2. High Point Coffee

High Point Coffee

Coffee shops and college towns just go together, and for Oxford, it’s High Point Coffee. The coffee shop has been serving the city for years. You will love the taste of the coffee. High Point is committed to serving fair-trade coffee, supporting sustainable growing practices, and partnering with worldwide coffee alliances, so you can feel good about your coffee addiction.


3. Natchez Coffee Company

Natchez Coffee Company

This eclectic coffee shop specializes in much more than just brewed beans. Natchez Coffee Company offers a full breakfast menu, ice cream, salads and sandwiches at lunch, baked goods, and even a breakfast buffet available on select mornings. Whether you are in the mood for traditional coffee or a specialty drink Natchez Coffee Company is exactly what you have been searching for.


4. Bankhouse Coffee

Bankhouse Coffee

Bankhouse Coffee certainly delivers when it comes to a unique atmosphere. And the experience doesn’t end with the beautiful building. Get a taste of the Gulf with signature roasts that range from New Orleans with Chicory to French Roast and Espresso Noir. Bankhouse Coffee serves the best coffee in Mississippi.


5. Brick’s Coffee House

Brick's Coffee House

Aside from the amazing coffee, Bricks is known for its selection of locally-baked goods and traditional breakfast biscuits. Brick’s Coffee House has been serving the city for many years. They serve hot and cold espresso-based lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, drip coffee, smoothies, both hot and iced tea, and muffins.

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