Best coffee shop in Michigan

1. Alcona Coffee Co

Alcona Coffee Co

Alcona Coffee Co is right on the main street of charming downtown Harrisville. They offer a wide range of drinks such as espressos, chai, cappuccinos, iced coffee, and lattes, as well as some specialty drinks. Alcona Coffee Co also serve freshly brewed coffee. Also, try the bakery with sweet treats such as biscotti, muffins, cookies, and brownies.


2. Black Owl Cafe

Black Owl Cafe

Black Owl Cafe is located in Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. This coffee shop is actually a hidden gem. The specialty of this cafe is that they serve fresh homemade dishes and healthy hand-blended teas. Black Owl serves locally roasted coffee, ensuring freshness in every cup they serve. They have old-fashioned traditional espresso drinks and coffee beverages.


3. RoosRoast Coffee

RoosRoast Coffee

The RoosRoast is best known for the Lobster Butter Love. It is the signature coffee bean of the shop. At their original Rosewood Street location the coffee shop roasts. The visitor can find a quirky and throwback-style cafe. The RoosRoast coffee shop has a modern version. This coffee house specializes in Long pulls and doesn’t do pour-overs.


4. Drip Drop Drink Coffee Bar

Drip Drop Drink Coffee Bar

Drip Drop Drink Coffee Bar is located on Western AveMuskegon. Visiting this cafe will give indeed a memorable experience. They offer regular pours, lattes, and other craft coffee. Their signature drink is iced pour-over coffee. Each sip of the drink will give you the feel of their care and coffee knowledge of coffee. 


5. Foster Coffee Company

Foster Coffee Company

The Foster Coffee Company is a wonderful must-visit place for coffee lovers, who needed a refreshing cup. It is located in Owosso. The coffee shop includes traditional drinks, seasonal beverages, and specialty coffees. You can also get a drink of pumpkin, peppermint, and mocha. At the Foster Coffee Company, they also serve pour-over coffee as well.

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