Tamarind Benefits For Health and Beauty 

Tamarind is known for its sweet and tangy taste all over the world. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, and carotenes. Tamarind contains many benefits from exfoliating your skin to managing diabetes as well as controlling weight gain. The most common way to use this fruit is to squeeze out the juice from the pulpy seeds.


Tamarind health benefits

1. Exfoliates and evens skin tone

Exfoliates and evens skin tone

Tamarind contains citric acid and AHAs this chemical help to cleanse the skin of dead cells and other impurities. The exfoliator also hydrates while reducing excess sebum and evens your skin tone.


2. Deal with allergies

Deal with allergies

Tamarind contains antihistaminic properties that help to deal with allergic asthma and cough. It is also loaded with vitamin C and can boost the immune system. Tamarind works to erase the tension to reveal the calm and radiant skin underneath.


3. Soothes skin

Soothes skin

Tamarind contains many skin benefits as it is loaded with vitamins A, C, and flavonoids. This prevents free radicals responsible for aging. Applying the tamarind pulp paste soothes skin irritation and inflammation.


4. Controls weight

Controls weight

Tamarind is a sweet and sour fruit that can control weight gain and obesity. It also helps to cut down bad cholesterol levels. Tamarind curtails the activity of fatty acid synthase which is one of the factors responsible for weight gain in the first place. It also treats metabolic syndrome.


5. Prevents microbial diseases

Prevents microbial diseases

Tamarind is used in traditional medicine. It helps to treat the common cold and fever. Because of its anti-microbial properties tamarind prevents microbial diseases. It is now used as a home remedy as well.


6. Helps hypertension

Helps hypertension

Even tamarind seeds can be used as it is known to have anti-hypertensive tendencies. So consuming tamarind can reduce the risk of clogged arteries, control blood pressure, and treat abnormal lesions on the artery walls. Tamarind’s anti-inflammatory properties benefit the skin and also prevent cardiovascular diseases which can be caused due to hypertension.


7. Manages diabetes

Manages diabetes

Tamarind has tons of shocking benefits as its pulp juice contains carb-blocking properties that help your body to absorb carbohydrates. This helps lower blood glucose levels. Its juice can also help with preventing oxidative damage in the pancreas as this can increase diabetes risk. Tamarind also helps restore lost insulin by regenerating new pancreatic beta cells.


8. Immune system

Immune system

Tamarind juice has several antioxidants that are beneficial for optimal health. It also helps to improve the immune system as well as treat problems associated with weak immunity like cough, flu, and cold.

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