How Hunger makes you Emotional

The link between Hunger and Emotions

The link between Hunger and Emotions

Many studies have found the effect of hunger on emotions. If you feel irritable after skipping breakfast or a meal your mood goes out of control an hour before dinner, You will exactly know that being hungry can actually affect your emotions. It is true that how you feel usually depends on what you eat.

Do you know that you’re not you when you’re hungry? While it’s a lighthearted take on feeling extremely hungry. You can actually notice how hunger can impact your mood and even your relationships.

The glucose levels are lower, which is when an individual feel hungriest. An individual should know what can we do about it.


Why it happens

Why it happens

We’ll start by knowing why it actually happens. So you must be knowing that whatever food we eat gets digested into helpful things such as sugars and amino acids, which then get absorbed into the bloodstream and used by the body to do all the functions that help to keep us alive. Later after a few hours, the blood sugar level of the body gets drops, there is when you feel hungry.

At this moment when we are hungry if we don’t have food then the body starts reminding us that we need to eat something. If you’re not eating, the brain wants to boost blood sugar, so it sends signals to other parts of your body to release more hormones to help. There is when the stress hormone called adrenaline boost also known as epinephrine, makes us feel emotions like anxiety, anger, or stress and panic.

Many research studies have shown that being hungry can make you feel more negatively. The individual who is hungry is seen as having unpleasant emotions. They feel more hateful and stressed and had many more negative attitudes.

This can also impact mental health. For example, an individual with an antidepressant may feel more or less hungry. People who are experiencing depression or anxiety may feel a loss of appetite means they feel hungry, but still don’t feel like eating.


Things we can do to feel less hungry

Things we can do to feel less hungry

The most simple solution is to eat when hungry. Ya, it may happen that sometimes you can’t eat or the location where you are there you can’t get food at that moment. But where possible, and if you have food near you. The best thing is to opt for regular meals. Try and eat food like carb-rich which will help to boost your blood sugar.

You may tempt to consume something like sugary snacks. The problem with this is that such snacks will solve the hungry temporarily. If their blood sugar is absorbed too quickly, they eventually will feel hungry an hour later. It is always good to eat snacks filled with complex carbs. This will take longer to digest due to the fiber present. This will raise blood sugar more steadily.  Consume food that will help to keep the blood sugar levels regulated, you can opt for healthy fats, high-fiber, protein, dark green leafy greens, onions, leeks, sulfur-rich garlic, or red and purple berries.

Do you know that breakfast is so an important part of the day? Eating breakfast with good protein and carbs will help one feel full for a longer time. If you are full you will feel more energy to do your work with more effort. And in case you are not hungry in the morning then you can have a light breakfast.

Everyone should take care of their bodies. All this not only matters for long-term mental health, but also for the day-to-day quality of social relationships, work performance, and psychological experiences.

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