How Hunger makes you Emotional

The link between Hunger and Emotions Many studies have found the effect of hunger on emotions. If you feel irritable after skipping breakfast or a meal your mood goes out of control an hour before dinner, You will exactly know that being hungry can actually affect your emotions. It is true that how you feel … Read more

8 Best Foods for Your Healthy Weight Journey

1. Quinoa Quinoa is a whole grain that contains a high amount of protein and fiber. It is a plant-based food that is considered to be a complete protein with amino acids. Amino acids are blocks of proteins that make blood, bones, muscles, and skin. Compared to other grains quinoa has a high protein-to-carbohydrate ratio. … Read more

5 Best Winter dish eaten in the USA

1. Polenta Bake With Shrimp The Polenta Bake With Shrimp is a Southern-inspired dish. It is usually eaten as a dinner dish. This dish can be cooked quickly, as it is very simple comfort food enough for a weeknight. The parmesan cheese and whole milk give the polenta an extra dose of creaminess and texture. … Read more

The Dark Side of Snaking Understanding the Health Risk

Everyone enjoys snacks throughout the day and they may not seem harmless. But do you know that snacking all day isn’t doing anything good to your body? However, it is very important and essential to understand exactly what is happening to your body internally when you’re constantly snacking instead of simply enjoying a snack.    … Read more