Best Coffee Shops in New Hemisphere 

1. Crackskull’s Coffee and Books

Crackskull's Coffee and Books

Crackskull’s Coffee and Books prides itself on being where Newmarket finds community and caffeine. Grab a book and enjoy the cozy afternoon at Crackskull’s. It is a casual coffee shop and bookstore that serves up a variety of delicious caffeinated beverages. You will enjoy each sip of coffee.


2. Adelle’s Coffee House

Adelle's Coffee House

Adelle’s is a great place for coffee. The coffee is very delicious and you will love the environment. Grab something delicious to sip on and browse some local art. If you are one of those people who like to drink coffee late into the evening, this place is perfect. It is one of the best coffee in the New Hemisphere.


3. Union Coffee Company

Union Coffee Company

If you love live music, this is the coffee shop for you. From the musicians to the guitars hanging on the wall, this place is definitely a music scene the coffee is also brewed perfectly. Union Coffee Company is a place that seeks to connect people with good coffee and good company.


4. Breaking New Grounds

Breaking New Grounds

Breaking New Grounds is often cited as the best coffee shop in New Hampshire, and it’s no mystery as to why. A wide variety of beans, roasted on site, and served outside during warmer weather. Feel like a local no matter where you call home with a cup of java and one of their incredible baked goodies.


5. Prime Roast Coffee Company

Prime Roast Coffee Company

This shop gets high marks for excellent service and plenty of seating. The coffee is very delicious and you will love the service and peaceful environment. Roasting daily to deliver a positively memorable coffee experience to your home. You will love the taste of the coffee. They believe that if they can serve well and put a smile on someone’s face and something delicious in their tummy then they have done well.

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