Best Coffee Shops in Florida 

1. Concord Coffee

Concord Coffee

Concord Coffee is an experience of community and quality, offered in an inviting atmosphere. Baristas at Concord Coffee want to help you find that perfect drink. Enjoy a drink you have never had before. Learn about the brewing process for what you have ordered. You will see customers of all ages and get several smiles from the friendly staff. Indoor and outdoor seating is available.


2. Axum Coffee

Axum Coffee

In 2010, when Axum Coffee opened its doors as a coffee shop on a mission to make a difference, starting with cultivating community and relationships over exceptional cups of coffee. They wanted to create a down-to-earth place with a peaceful atmosphere where your friends could relax. At Axum, you can have a long chat with a good friend, a meeting with a colleague, or a first date with your love.


3. Belleair Coffee Company & Roastery

Belleair Coffee Company & Roastery

Belleair Coffee Company is one of the best coffee shops in Florida. The entire staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the coffee, and pastries are amazing. Belleair Coffee Company & Roastery is one of the best roasters in Florida. You will love the atmosphere and excellent customer service. The shop has a comfortable space with couches, chairs, and tables.


4. Spaddy’s Coffee Co

Spaddy's Coffee Co

Spaddy’s Coffee Company is a locally owned coffee shop located in Tampa, Florida with a focus on coffee & community. In 2019 Spaddy’s collaborated with Raw Smoothie Co. and opened their first brick & mortar location in South Tampa. They offer a variety of specialty coffee offerings as well as cookies and Cuban bread.


5. Macondo Coffee Roasters

Macondo Coffee Roasters

The beans are imported from small farms in Colombia and roasted in our Doral facility. We offer a varied menu featuring Latin American favorites and traditional American breakfast and lunch dishes. Macondo is a comfortable, urban gathering place, offering friendly service in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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