5 Mind Blowing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Rolls-Royce Cars

1) Founder Of Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce is one of the most luxurious cars in the world. In 1904, the founders “Charles Rolls” and “Henry Royce” built their first car in a Manchester factory.

Founder Of Rolls-Royce
Henry Royce

The first Rolls-Royce car had a 1.8-liter two-cylinder that boasted 10 horsepower. The car is known as a two-cylinder Royce 10. In December 1904, the first Rolls-Royce car, the Rolls-Royce 10 hp, was unveiled at the Paris Salon. Everyone was impressed with the superior build quality. In 1906, the company started developing improved six-cylinder car models.


2) Spirit of Ecstasy

The hood ornament decoration of Rolls-Royce is called “Spirit of Ecstasy”. It is in the form of a woman leaning forwards with her arms outstretched behind and above her.

Spirit of Ecstasy

Billowing cloth runs from her arms to her back, resembling wings. Rolls-Royce started using Spirit of Ecstasy for every car in 1911. The best part about the Spirit Of Ecstasy logo is that no one can break or steal it because whenever someone tries to do it automatically hides inside the bonnet. The Spirit of Ecstasy is a symbol of dreams – of energy, grace, and beauty. It is also said that the Spirit of Ecstasy is a tribute to the company’s vision and legacy. The Spirit of Ecstasy is not just a bonnet ornament sculpture but has become an emotion for every car lover.


3) Rolls-Royce Logo On The Wheel

The Rolls-Royce is the only car in the world that when anyone drives it the Rolls-Royce “RR” logo in the middle of the car’s tires does not rotate.

Rolls-Royce Logo On The Wheel

The innovative center caps of Rolls-Royce have anti-rotators, which cause the brand’s mark on the wheels to always remain straight so that the logo of Rolls-Royce is always visible. This shows how committed Rolls-Royce is to its smallest features. Next time you see any Rolls-Royce you must notice this unique thing.


4) One Man Paints Stripes In All The Rolls-Royce Cars

Mark Court is the only person that can paint the pinstripe on a Rolls-Royce. He has been doing this challenging job since the company opened its Goodwood plant in 2003.

One Man Paints Stripes In All The Rolls-Royce Cars

The paint immediately adheres to the paint of the car so mistakes lead to complete repainting. Once in an interview, Mark Court said that the hardest part about painting the pinstripe was getting over the fact that the car is “6 meters long and costs more than $360,000.


5) Bulls Leather Are Used For Rolls-Royce’s Interiors

The bulls whose skin they use for their interiors are raised in the region of Europe where the climate is too cold for mosquitoes and other insects to live, these minimize bite marks.

Bulls Leather Are Used For Rolls-Royce’s Interiors

So that you get blemish-free and cottony-soft seats. That’s the level of detail the company goes into. More than 8 bull leather is used to make the interior of a Rolls-Royce car.

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